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About Us

Leather Craftsman    

At Brass Anvil Leather, we create different types of leather products all by hand. From pocket wallets to saddle totes, note cases, snap valets, and more, we are the custom leather shop that offers a wide range of products made from leather and hand crafted for the best in quality.

Who I Am

My interest in crafting heirloom quality leather goods began when I was a child sitting in my uncle’s saddle shop. There were saddles on stands waiting to be repaired or restored, leather shavings on the floor, and the dampened tapping sound made from a small leather wrapped mallet my uncle used to help craft the leather designs on his products. He used crude tools, but his work came together beautifully which inspired me to follow in his footsteps.

My uncle was the one who trained me in the art of creating high-quality leather goods. From him I learned the basics of how to fashion leather the right way so that what I created would last. During the formative years of my training, I had no idea that two decades later I would still be working in leather and create products for people around the world. It’s a testament to the skills I learned from my uncle, but also a passion that I have developed over the years to create high-quality items made from leather.

What I Provide for You

At Brass Anvil Leather, my goal is not just to create leather products, but to fashion wallets, belts, note cases, snap valets, and other items so that they are beautiful, practical, and last for a long time to come. With a little care, the leather products made at Brass Anvil Leather will last a lifetime and age beautifully as well. There is something about high-quality leather products that age over time while still performing their function that makes working with this product so rewarding.

Our company provides a wide range of leather products that you can see in our catalog and custom products that we make to your specifications. If you need a wallet, belt, or other customized leather product, we encourage you to contact us before making your order. That way, I can order the materials necessary and provide you with a fair price to create what you want. At Brass Anvil Leather, the goal of our company is to accommodate our customers by providing you with the best in leather wallets, saddle totes, belts, and a wide range of products. We encourage you to look over our catalog and contact us for all customized orders.

leather card caseLEATHER

Sourced from the best American tanneries, each hide is inspected for weakness and defects. Each hide is different than the next, sections of hide with range marks and brands may be used when making our products. .

*Please be aware depending on your monitor settings the colors may not be accurate.

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